South Africa – October 2000

Grahamstown Mile Marker

Second trip to PE – Grahamstown area in 2000.

Met Tony Dold and David Cumming at the Pig and Whistle in Bathurst where we had coffee and made a plan for the day. Tony wanted to head toward East London to photograph some non Haworthia. David was ready to guide or follow along. So we went to Tony’s new site while David and I planned to spend the afternoon at a few cymbiformis sites in the Port Alfred area.

Kiwane is west of East London on the coast. Here we found Haworthia cooperi var. leightonii growing in the hot sun in baked mud flats

H. cooperi v. leightonii Growing fully exposed

Notice the red lines Kiwani slabs

Along the way we stopped at Chalumna, west of East London to see Haworthia cymbiformis var cymbiformis.

Chalumna Causeway

On our way back west we stopped at an interesting looking rock slade near the Tyolomnqa Bridge and found a tiny and very tooth Haworthia. I was stumped as to which variety.

Tyolomnqa slabs

Later in the day David and I went around the Bathurst area stopping to see Haworthia venusta (a hairy cooperi).

The 'hairy' one Venusta

South of Adelide we found a more typical cooperi in flower.

Cooperi at Koonap River Bridge In flower

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