South Africa – October 6, 2002

Sunday 6 October: Calitzdorp – Welkom – Rietvlei – Rooibergpas – Vanwyksdorp – Sandkraal – Muiskraal – Riversdal – Kweekkraal

Hawortthia arachnoidea on shale along the Calitz Dam Road north of Calitzdorp. S33’29”, E021’42”.
DSC01429 DSC01430 DSC01432 DSC01433

Haworthia setata south of Ladismith, south of the airstrip on a ridge.  S33’31”, E021’15”.DSC01435 DSC01436 DSC01437DSC01439 DSC01440

Then on to Sandkraal and Haworthia emelyae in flower in quartz in flats right along the side of the road.  S33’55”, E021’17”.
DSC01442 DSC01443 DSC01445 DSC01446 DSC01447 DSC01448 DSC01450 DSC01451 DSC01456

Dr. Hayashi calls this form of Haworthia emelyae at Muskrall H. wimii.  27km north of Riversdale at S33’55”, E021’12”.
DSC01457 DSC01458 DSC01459 DSC01460 DSC01461 DSC01462 DSC01463 DSC01464 DSC01465 DSC01466 DSC01467 DSC01468

Next comes the famous Haworthia splendens at Snymanskraal, behind farm house at Deikret, a very small and threatened population.  Luckily other populations have been found.
DSC01470 DSC01471 DSC01472 DSC01473 DSC01474 DSC01475 DSC01476 DSC01477 DSC01478 DSC01479

Nearby in east Albertina we found the Mary Parisi and Ed Dunne plants.DSC01480 DSC01481 DSC01484 DSC01485 DSC01486 DSC01489 DSC01490 DSC01491

At the same stop, but on the other side of the N2 road at Keurfontein turnoff were Haworthia minima.  S34’12”, E21’39”.
DSC01492 DSC01494 DSC01495 DSC01496 DSC01497

Haworthia magnifica south of Riversdale at Skeitbaan.  S34’06”, E021’14”.DSC01498 DSC01499 DSC01500 DSC01501 DSC01502 DSC01503 DSC01504 DSC01505 DSC01506


100’s of Haworthia atrofusca at Vermaakikheid turnoff on a bank in mud.  S34’07, E21’13.DSC01509 DSC01512 DSC01513 DSC01515 DSC01516



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