Gerhard Marx

Artist Gerhard Marx

Cymbiformis by Gerhard Marx Viscosa by Gerhard MarxEmelyae by Gerhard Marx Retusa by Gerhard Marx

Watercolors painted by Gerhard Marx in 2003 of photos taken by Lawrence Loucka while on field trip in October 2002.



H. cooperi var. pilifera from Brakkloof, Grahamstown District by J. G. Marx.

H. cooperi var. pilifera from Brakkloof, Grahamstown District.  From the cover of Haworthia Update vol.1 by Bruce Bayer.


Springbokvlakensis by Gerhard Marx

From the collection of David Martin.


From Penrock Newsletter, September 2009



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2 Responses to Gerhard Marx

  1. chris van ginkel says:

    Gerhard mag maar!

  2. Rosemarie says:

    Excellent artwork, Gerhard! Love to see the detail, colors used and all! I believe I’ve recently seen a cover (for the Cactus and Succulent Journal) of Myron Kimnach you did, which was also very impressive! I hope to one day paint like you do!

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